• The things of your past are safe for the future

    Can’t bear to give it away? You don’t have to. Store your keepsakes and sentimentals with us until you’re ready to bring back the memories.

  • Used it once, not sure when you’ll use it again?

    You don’t have to give up hope of wearing that costume again or finding time to use the sports gear you bought. Keep it with Keepr until the right opportunity comes.

  • Do you really need all your things in your life right now?

    Don’t be a hoarder. Or at least don’t hoard in plain sight. We’ll help you declutter your home to make space for the things that matter.

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How it works

What if you could get things out of the way without getting rid of them?
It’s possible! Here’s how you can with Keepr.

Book an Appointment

Estimate the total size of the things you want to store and book an appointment via the app. Unsure which of storage our plans best fit you and your stuff? No worries! Storage Specialists will get in touch to assist you every step of the way. Once the date and location are set, we’ll drop off our bins for you to fill up and pick them up when you’re ready. We won’t charge your subscription until the day your items reach our warehouse.

We’ll come to Pack up and Pick up

The moment of truth! After confirming your appointment, we’ll arrive at your door with everything you need. If you choose to avail of our packing service, we’ll supply the packing materials and helping hands. Point us in the right direction and we’ll do all the heavy lifting, literally!

Manage your own Inventory

Say goodbye to fumbling through boxes and cabinets trying to find something! Everything we pick up is documented, tagged with QR codes and synced to the database by our team. You can then use the Keepr Storage PH app to add descriptions of your items, search inventory and review your what you have stored.

Delivery as you wish

Need something back? Get it in a few clicks! Select which of your stored items you want from your inventory. Then just let us know when and where you want it delivered, all through the app. You don’t even have to move an inch!

Easy Payments

The entire Keepr Storage PH process is transparent! Delivery fees are always per trip, never per item. We also have multiple payment options for a truly convenient and hassle-free experience!

Mobile App

We’ve made personal storage easier for everyone with the Keepr Storage PH App. Conveniently search and manage your inventory from your phone. You can even request a pick up or delivery of your items anytime, anywhere, all within the app! No more warehouse visits or long phone calls.

Now, the option to store things and make space in your home is available at your fingertips. You don’t even have to leave the couch.

Download the App

Stop cramming cupboards and have more space for the things you really need. Start storing sensibly with Keepr!

Key Features

Keep everything in place. Organize your life without having to live with boxes and crates.


Keepr Storage PH, making space in your city

Keepr’s determined to make living in Metro Manila a little more spacious.
Here’s where we’re starting.






Clear out and simplify life without throwing away precious memories

Sign up with Keepr and book your own personal storage today!