About Keepr

Keepr is Storage Simplified

Gone are the days of clutter taking precious real estate. Keepr simplifies the entire storage process by doing all the hard work. No more sitting in traffic for warehouse visits, no more expensive truck rentals, and definitely no more heavy lifting!

We’ve combined high-level security with strategic logistics and modern-day technology to offer a complete storage solution for personal and business use. Our warehouses are professionally managed and fully secured, backed by a team of leading industry experts. All our Warehousing and Storage Plans are bundled with app-enabled management and trucking services to ensure a truly simplified storage experience.

Our automated process means better security and less costs to our clients. The combination of our proprietary warehousing system and industry know-how allows us to be the best storage solution available, without unnecessary expenses.

Storage should be simple, and that’s exactly what we’re doing.


Pick up and Return

Don’t pay thousands for trucking and hauling. We manage our own fleet so we can pass on the savings to you. Simply schedule through the app or web and our trucks will be on their way.  Your first pick up is always free!

Need something back or adding into your storage? You only pay a flat rate of ₱1000 per trip, inclusive of hauling items in or out of your location.

Packing Services

Pressed for time? Our team is trained to properly wrap and pack your belongings in the most efficient and space-saving way possible. We can even disassemble furniture to reduce the bulk. Starting at only ₱250 per hour, you can sit back and leave this tedious task to us.


We understand that security is a huge factor when it comes to storage. We’ll never store your items anywhere else other than one of our own warehouses. And yes, our warehouses are fully managed in-house, with access limited to designated employees only. We want to keep your stuff safe so that you don’t have to think twice. Our warehouses are equipped with 24-hour security, CCTV, alarms, and are manned at all times.

GPS Tracking

Nervous about your stuff being in transit? Don’t sweat! Our delivery vans have GPS Tracking and will alert you when your stuff has reached our warehouse. We’ll also let you know when we’re on the way to pick up your stuff so you can be sure to be home in time to facilitate and sign off.


Moving things out of your home means they may no longer be covered by your home insurance. We want to give you that same peace of mind while you keep stuff with Keepr. Our storage Protection Plans offer different levels of coverage for your belongings. Need bigger coverage? Just give us a call and we’ll sort out everything for you.


We use the highest quality imported racking system to make sure your items are properly stored. No need to rent or buy wobbly racks to stack up your items, and no more paying for dead storage space. Our proprietary warehousing system also allows us to easily pull out your items whenever you need them and is synced to your dashboard so you know exactly where your items are.


No guesswork here. Everything you store with Keepr is photographed and tagged with a unique QR code by our staff before it’s uploaded to your online account in real time. You can then use the Keepr app to add descriptions, search and manage your personal inventory. It’s that easy!

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